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Turquoise metal plane

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Turquoise metal plane is a new addition to my retro, art supplies collection.
It is light turquoise colour plane, made of alloy, with a partly open cockpit and a silver grid over it, a silver
front part and a black and yellow propeller, which moves.
On each wing it has a yellow star in a red circle.
It also has some white paint at the end of the tail and on the propeller.
The wheels underneath are black, made of plastic, they are not moving.
It is about 17 cm long and 4 cm high ( 6.69 '' x 1.57 '' ) . It is very light.
it would make a terrific mobile along with a couple more planes like it.
This is not a toy for children.
If you give it to a child to play, make sure it is supervised at all times.
If you'd like to know more, you can always contact us.

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