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White espresso cups, angel wing espresso cups, coffee cups of stoneware clay, handbuilt, quirky espresso shots, set of two

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White espresso cups are two, very cute, angel wing espresso cups. The angel wings are the handles to the espresso cups. These are very neat, small coffee cups of stoneware clay. They are completely handbuilt.
They are beautiful, unusual and quirky espresso cups, Greek pottery coffee cup pieces.
These, white/ivory, handbuilt cups have a slender, tall body, like a long, shot glass. Their bottoms are a little bit thicker or fatter. Near the rim they have handbuilt, beautiful angel wings, which are the espresso cups' handles.
This is where you hold it from to drink. You can also hold the cups from the sides.The angel wing handles have a bottle green, metallic glaze which leaves a few spots uncoloured, so the cups' ivory white colour shows too.
The green colour on the wing handle is only on one side. These cute, espresso cups stand by themselves without a saucer.
   These little pots are also ideal as shot glasses, liqueur or schnapps glasses, or very sweet and inspired, bud vases.
They would be perfect for favours and events, to use or just for decor. I think that they easily takes a double espresso dose in them, but have not tried it yet.

These unique design espresso cups/ bud vases measure 8.50cm in height x 4.50cm in diameter x 8cm in length with the wing included ( 3.34'' x 1.77'' x 3.14''). They are not heavy.
The measurements and general build of these cups may vary a little from piece to piece, as these are completely hand build items. They are made by hand from a slab each time, there is no mold to make them.
The angel wings may be on the same side on both cups or opposite each other.Please, contact us, if you have any preferences.

This listing is for two espresso cups.

If you'd like to know more about these white, ceramic, espresso cups, you can always contact us.We'd love to answer all your questions.
Thank you for stopping by.

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