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Red apple sculpture, ceramic apple in bright red, earthenware clay red apple with black, metal stem

Reference: SC064
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36,00 €

Red apple sculpture is a ceramic apple, in a life size shape, glazed in a bright red glaze.
It is made of earthenware clay and it's got a black, metal stem.It is a modern, minimal ceramic sculpture.
It measures 9 cm in height x 9 cm in diameter ( 3.54 '' x 3.54 '' ).It is not heavy. It is completely life size, as an average, not very big apple would be!It would look lovely by itself, or next to our green apple, listed here:

It would also make a sensational paper weight.A lovely gift or deor item all around that will look stunning, no matter where you put it.Thank to its superb, flawless design and amazing red, gleaming colour.

If you'd like to know more about this ceramic, red apple sculpture, you can always contact us.We'd be happy to answer all questions.
Thank you for looking.

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