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Yellow moon painting, half moon, child and mermaid folf art painting on salvaged wood, vintage folk painting, Greek folk art

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Yellow moon painting is a half moon, a child and a mermaid folf art painting on salvaged wood.
This is a great, Greek folk art piece, or art naif, as it is also called.The theme is so alluring and evocative. There is a large, crescent moon, a large, yellow moon slice as a face in the middle of the painting.This is a rectangular piece of salvaged wood.
This portrait if the moon is in profile,of course with an added nose and two red lips.A large blue eye, a long black brow and a cute, curvy cheek, complete this folk art portrait.It is a beautiful starry night with a lot of stars, yellow stars in the sky, same colour as the moon.The moon is hanging very low over the sea, in an empty and quiet seascape.The sky and the sea are a lovely, inky/indigo blue.The sea is dotted with tiny white/ blue waves.
There is a child seated on the lower end of the crescent moon.It's a boy dressed in a sailor suit, an attire very popular with children in the early to mid 20th century.The boy has his back turned to the moon face and he is holding a sailing boat, complete with two sails, etc.
In the sea below there is a gorgeous, red mermaid.Her body is painted lengthwise, across the lower part of the painting.All of her fish body is red with white scales,Her torso is naked as is typical with all mermaids in most folk traditions.Her black hair is tied in beautiful braids, which fall down to her breasts and cover her nipples.She is wearing a lot of pearls, a white pearl necklace, white pearl bracelets in both wrists and white pearl stud earrings.Her arms are outstretched upwards, holding two red stars.One red star in each hand.There is another red star a little below her lovely red fish tail.
This moon and mermaid, folk painting has a painted frame in a bluish/grey colour of about 2cm in width.The reclaimed wood surface is not completely straight on the sides, or perfectly even.An older, red colour shows at some points.This is a piece of wood coming from old furniture, that the painter would hunt for and clean before using for her paintings.There is a piece of wire attached on the wood at the back for hanging the painting on the wall
This moon and child, Greek folk painting measures 41cm in height x 24cm in length x3cm in width.It has been in the painter's private collection all along.It's an amazing work of art with amazing imagery.A real folk art treasure.

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