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Paperboat metal sculpture, tiny sculpture of paperboat with '18' new year charm, silver paperboat sculpture on black stone

Reference: HNY036
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Paperboat metal sculpture is a very cute, tiny sculpture of a paperboat with an '18' New Year charm, tied on it and a red bead.It's a paperboat sculpture on a black stone, or dark grey, depending on the stone we find each time.We often paint the stones to obtain a uniform colour that we feel we like.Black or dark grey.
This lovely, metal boat gift is for everyone, a very sweet and significant memento for your loved ones, for a lucky and prosperous, New Year 2018.A small sculpture gift, an art object for your collection.It's what I thought the minute I saw this cute, little brass paperboat.I was sure it would make the cutest lucky charm for the New Year. 2018.

We made it with a small, metal paperboat miniature, which is probably brass, silver plated.
We placed it on a flat, dark grey stone.The stone can have dark green hues sometimes.They are all natural, these pebbles that we use for this small art object, so it is a different size and shape each time, but one that fits and looks good with the paperboat.On one of its ends the brass paperboat has a hole and we tied a tiny, glass blue bead on it along with an alloy, silver plated '18' charm for the New Year 2018.

We can make this boat sculpture stand on a white stone as well as a black or grey stone.

This small paperboat sculpture on a dark grey stone measures about 3.50cm in height x about 6cm in length x 4cm in width ( 1.38'' x 2.36'' x 1.57''), always depending on each separate stone each time.

If you'd like to know more about this small, paperboat sculpture with an '18' charm, you can contact us at any time.
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