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Greek Easter candle with Karagiozi puppet

Reference: HEC038
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Greek Easter candle with Karagiozi puppet is a blue Easter candle with a Greek karagiozi marionette.
A Karagiozi Greek lambada, made for the Greek Easter celebrations of Good Saturday mass.

It is a Greek handmade, candle of paraffin, a lovely, thick, cylindrical shape with a scratched, grainy surface.Its colour is a lovely royal blue.
The candle measures 38 cm ( 14.96'' ) in height, its diameter is about 3 cm ( 1.18 '' ).
the Karagiozis marionette measures 25cm in height ( 9.84 '' ), without the cord it's hanging from.

The Karagiozis wooden marionette moves arms and legs, if you pull the cords hanging at the back, between his legs.
The piece of wood is lacquered white, turquoise, red, navy blue, black, etc.
Karagiozis, the main character in the Greek folk art shadow theatre, is wearing his typical clothes of a cropped, short coat, white shirt with a red shash and knee length breeches.
He's got a red patch on his hump and lots of different, colourful patches on his clothes.
He is smiling as always.
This is a Karagiozi inspired puppet, not an actiual Karagiozi figurine with all the proper joints.

The wooden puppet is tied on the candle with blue satin ribbon and there were also other, satin and organza ribbons used for decoration in red, blue, yellow, etc..

The wooden marionette is not suitable for toddlers to play with.

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