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Greek Easter candle in a box, Easter candle in burgundy box with olive charm, grown ups Easter candle, unisex candle

Reference: HEC040

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Greek Easter candle in a box is an Easter candle in a burgundy hard box with an olive charm.
A grown ups Easter candle, an elegant candle gift, made for the Greek Easter celebrations of Good Saturday mass.
This unisex Easter candle is a short, thick white candle in a hard paper box, made for this candle only.
It's a lovely, elegant box, in dark red/burgundy, decorated with an olive coloured ribbon and an olive leaves, brass charm.
The white candle is a Greek, handmade candle of paraffin, that measures 25cm in height and about 2.5cm in diameter ( 9.84 '' x 0.98 '' ).
The box measures 29cm in height x 4.50cm in length x 3.50cm

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