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Football Easter candle, PAOK team candle, boys and teens Greek Easter candle with PAOK jersey

Reference: HEC097
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Football Easter candle is a PAOK football team candle.It is a boys, Greek Easter candle with PAOK colours, black and white, jersey. The traditional colours of this glorious, historic, Thessalonian, football team of Constatinopole Greeks, are white and black.
I used a short, thick white Greek Easter candle. On it I tied a piece of natural hemp twine. This I placed in the middle of the candle. On it I glued a metal miniature football shoe and also hung a metal miniature football, both in the PAOK colours of black and white.
This boys, Greek Easter, PAOK candle is an Easter gift, made for the Greek Easter celebrations of Good Saturday mass. A unique, Greek Easter candle, a typical, Greek lambada for boys and teen boys. A Greek, handmade candle of paraffin, that measures about 28cm in height (11'') and about 3cm in diameter (1.18 '').
If you would like to know more about this PAOK, Greek lambada, we'd be happy to answer all questions. You can contact us at any time.
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