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Easter bunny ceramic box made of stoneware clay with fired gold.

Reference: HE001

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Ceramic Easter bunny is a stunning ceramic box, shaped like an Easter bunny. It was made of stoneware clay, fired at about 1240 degrees.The gold is painted on at the last stage and the bunny is fired for a third time.

It is a wheel thrown piece that is later cut in the middle to form the box.
At a later stage the artist makes the little legs, the long ears and the cute tail, all completely by hand.She then adds the eys, nose and white teeth, which are made of porcelain. The bunny has got a thin wire mustache that is fired with the clay in the kiln.

This bunny is dressed in a fancy suit of blue and white striped pants, a white shirt with gold dots, and a red bow tie.There is a distinct blue and gold line, running through his outline, all around his face and body.Inside his ears are lined with a red-pink colour.
At the back he's got gold stripes and dots on a whitish glaze..

Inside the box is glazed with a green glaze. it is quite safe to store food, chocolates, candy, cookies, etc, especially if you would like to offer it like that.
You can wash it everytime you use it, though not in the dishwasher.

This Easter bunny container measures about 28 cm ( 11.02 ") in height and about 12 cm ( 4.72 ') in diameter. It is quite a heavy piece.
It's got a very tiny piece missing on the head, round the rim, right under its moustache on the left side.This is why it comes in a discount price of 70 Euros( about 90 USD) instead of its original price of 100 Euros ( about 130 USD)

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