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Ceramic tic tac toe sculpture, noughts and crosses set with cubes and balls, Greek tic tac toe, entirely handmade

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Ceramic tic tac toe sculpture is a noughts and crosses set with cubes and balls.
A high fire, stoneware clay, Greek tic tac toe set, entirely handmade by my husband and collaborator Andreas.
He designed and made the sculpture this summer, along with a chess set listed elsewhere. He is really good in
these games and had been thinking of making these sculptures for sometime now.

This tic tac toe board is a square base, with nine squares on it, outlined with black, which came from a combination
of three oxides, used in ceramics glazes and firing. There is a wide border all around the tic tac toe grid.
At each corner there is a black line connecting the 3x3 black outlined squares with the board edge.
The board appears a little smudged by the black oxide in some places, but after being fired at 1230 C,
there is no chance of the colour staining or coming off in your hands. It's an integral part of the board now.

The tic tac toe board is in a lovely, cinnamon brown, the clay's natural colour. This is a very thick and grainy clay,
with a lot of its whiter particles still showing. The ball and cube shaped pawns are the same, rusty brown colour.
The cubes are decorated with a lot of holes.

This ceramic tic tac toe board measures 14cm in length x 14cm width x 0.50cm in height
( 5.51 '' x 5.51 ' x 0.19 '' ).
The cubes measure approximately 2cm x 2cm x2cm and the balls measure approximately 2cm ( 0.78 '' ) in diameter each.
It is not a heavy item, but a light one either.

This listing is for a ceramic tic tac toe board with eight pawns, four cubes and four balls.
If you need any more info on this ceramic tic tac toe and pawns, you can contact us at any time.
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