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Four seasons painting, large folk art painting on wood, Greek folk art, vintage painting on salvaged wood

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Four seasons painting is a large folk art painting on wood, a Greek folk art, vintage painting.It was painted on a salvaged piece of wood by folk artist, E. Kokori.She always collected old, discarded wood, from old furniture and chose the parts she wanted to keep for her folk paintings.She cleaned and processed the wood and painted with acrylic paint.She then varnished all her wooden paintings with eco varnishes for a longer stay of the colours.She still collects and paints on reclaimed pieces of old wood sometimes.
This particular painting is a sensational, winter-spring-summer-fall folk painting.The piece of wood is rectangular with two added pieces on top and at the bottom part.Nailed on the main part by the artist and then painted on with a faded, bottle green as the whole border of the painting is,The two added pieces are decorated with flower like themes in a faded white colour.
The main painting is divided in four themes, one for each season, placed two at the top and two underneath.Spring and summer are on top and auutmn and winter are below them.
Spring is the portrait of a lady in a long, red dress, standing in a green field with white flowers.She has long, dark hair, falling beautifully on her shoulders.She is wearing a wreath of flowers on her head and holding a lovely, spring bouquet with both hands.She is also wearing white pearls in her neck and hands and a pair of large hoops on her ears.Behind her the sky is blue with some birds flying and a large red sun on the top left.
Next to Spring is Summer, featuring a splendid mermaid on the waves.She looks very much like the Spring lady in her feathres, hair and jewelry.The mermaid's fish body and tail is a minty green with white scales.Her torso is naked, like all folk art mermaids.She is riding the waves of an inky blue sea, with a sunset, orange sky and a blazing red sun.There are a couple of birds, flying in the air.
Auutmn is the next theme in this, Greek folk art painting with Fall depicted as a young man/angel.He is the only man in this four seasons painting.He is standing in a bare, auutmn field with a tall tree behind him.The tree's leaves are red and yellow and about to fall off the tree.In the sky, behind the Autumn boy there is a black bird.Thereis also a large, red sun, coming out of a puffy, white cloud that is already dropping white drops of rain.The ground is yellowed orange with red, white and orange spots.The Fall man/angel is clad in white shorts and large white, angel wings.He has flowers in his hair and is holding a large bunch of purple grapes.
The last figure is that of Winter, depicted as a lady, standing in a snowy, pinky white yard, next to a large, bare tree.There is a small, white cottage at the background, with smoke coming out of the chimney.The cottage is a typical Greek house in a village, just like any old house, with a typical, conical, red tiled roof.
The winter lady is weraing a long blue cape and long, maxi red skirt.She is holding a large, woven basket with apples in her hands.One of the apples has fallen on the ground.Underneath the tree trunk is the artist's initials/signature.

This four seasons, painting on wood measures 38cm in length x 50cm in height x 4cm in width (14.96'' x 19.68'' x 1.57'').It weighs around 1.5 kilo.
This is a gorgeous piece of folklorique art, a treasure for any space at home or at work.A very rare and psecial gift for a collector, for a loved one, for a folk art olver, etc.

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