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Vintage mermaid painting, Greek folk art mermaid, small painitng on salvaged wood, acrylic on wood, art brute mermaid

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Vintage mermaid painting is a Greek, folk art mermaid painting,A small painitng on salvaged wood, an acrylic painting on wood.This is an original, art brute mermaid, a lovely, miniature, Greek folk art painitng of the Greek mermaid, roaming the seas.
This Greek mermaid was painted on a rectangular piece of wood.The wood was salvaged by the artist, E.Kokori, from discarded furniture, crates, etc.It was cleaned and treated and then painted on with acrylic paint.In the end it was varnished with eco varnish for wooden surfaces.
The mermaid is a creature, haunting our folk tales and folk imagery, it is loved and revered and feared, too.There are so many tales about this gorgeous, fishgirl in Greek folklore!
The mermaid is depicted emerging from the water with her very long tail, coiled twice, ending in its lovely, fish tail.There are also, large fins, painted next to each fish tail coil.She is naked from the waist up and has a full maine of long, black hair.She is wearing white pearls on her wrists and neck.On her left hand she is holding a golden spear and on the right hand she is holding a fish from a hook.Her fish body is a beautiful, minty green in a couple of different shades.
The sea she swims in is a bright royal blue, with sky blue waves.The sky is light blue with a red sun in the middle and a couple of seagulls flying.
There is a red 'frame', painted around the mermaid theme.The rest of the wood block is painted in black.The piece of wood is a little tattered and shabby, but that is the style the artist likes.She only basically treated her wooden finds, never tried to mend or polish them, so as not to take their true character away.
This Greek folk art, mermaid painting measures 13.5cm in length x 7.50cm in height x 1.3cm in width ( 5.31'' x 2.95'' x 0.51'' ).It is a very light piece of wood.At the back there was a piece of wire, fastened on two ends to be used as a hook for hanging.

If you'd like to know more about this vintage, art brute,mermaid painiting, you can contact us at any time.We'd be happy to answer all questions.
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