March gold bracelet

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March gold bracelet is a various charms bracelet, made with red white, adjustable cord.It's a very cute charms cuff, a boho hippie March

 bracelet for March and spring.

The charm is in the middle of the cord. You can pick between a sterling silver, gold plated swallow bird outline, a black swallow in a gold circle, 

or a little blue eye.The bl;ue eye charm is not gold plated, but it's sterling.The blue eye is painted on the silver bead with enamel.

The red white, March cord is tied in an adjustable closing with two knots.You pull gently at the cords to make the bracelet bigger or smaller.

The cords glide on each other and move smoothly.Once you have worn your March bracelet, you can relegate the size again by gliding the 

cords on each other.

This listing is for one March bracelet only.

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