Pink Vespa key organiser, wooden board with vespa scooter and key holders, office and home key organiser

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Pink Vespa key organiser is a wooden board with a vespa scooter miniature and key five holders. It is an office and home key organise and a pink Vespa diorama combined.

To make this lovely playful, home and office organiser, we used small planks of pinewood, which we have sanded and then painted with water based, eco varnishes.
Then we added the key holders underneath, which are made of metal screws with glass beads.

So, this is basically a small, wooden shelf, onto which we have glued the collectible miniature we selected, a pink Vespa scooter in this case, and underneath the shelf, we placed rhe hangers.At the back there are two triagonal, screwed on top, so you can hang the key organiser on your wall.

This Vespa sccooter key organiser measures 23.50cm in height x 20.50 cm in length x 9cm in width.It is quite light and will look gorgeous in your home, office, shop,etc.

Custom orders for combined miniatures are welcome.

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