Blue dolphin wall hanging, ceramic blue dolphin for the wall, handbuilt dolphin wall hanging with cracked glaze

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The little dolphin wall hanging was made out of a mold with stoneware clay. Then it was fired and then it was glazed with the cracked glue glaze, which creates this amazing, deep sea blue effect on the front surface of the wall hanging. This ceramic dolphin is seen in profile with its eye, fins and tail in darker blue, because of the lot of colour that stays in these areas. The rim of white clay creates a white outline around the dolphin.
It's got a lovely, rustic boho look.It is decorated with ribbons, tied to a hook at the back.You can hang it on the wall from the ribbons.

This lovely, Greek blue dolphin with the cracked glaze surface measures about 9cm in height x 10cm in length x 1cm in width (3.54'' x 3.93'' x 0.39'') .It is not heavy.

If you'd like to know more about this ceramic, blue dolphin, wall hanging , we'd love to answer all your questions.
Thank you for looking.

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