Royal blue Harley bike

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Royal blue, Harley type, bike, a retro, collectible miniature, comes is a beautiful royal blue.
It is made of metal and plastic for the wheels.

Some parts are painted silver, reminiscent of the chromium parts, and others are black, like the saddle, bags, wheels, etc.

The wheels roll, sometimes not too perfectly, because this piece was made for decor mostly.
This bike also steers on both sides. It is made to look like a shabby, worn antique and this adds to its charm.

This bike measures 13.50 cm lentgt x 6 cm width x 9.50 cm height ( 5.31 '' x 2.36 '' x 3.74 '' ).
It is of medium weight, not very light for its size.

This miniature bike is not a toy for children.
It can be used in a diorama, scholl project, assemblage piece, wreath, favours, nursery decor, etc.

The last photo is of all three motorcycle miniatures of this design in line.
This listing is for the blue bike only.

If you'd like to know more about his bike, feel free to ask!
Thank you for looking.


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