Fiat car miniature with French colours, retro collectible miniature, white Fiat 500 with spare tyre on hood.

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Fiat 500 is a collectible, car miniature with French colours painted on the hood, the roof and the trunk with two parallel stripes of red and blue on a creamy white car. It was made of alloy and rubber.A lovely, retro collectible, miniature car.
It is one of the late sixties, early seventies Fiat models and carries a black baggage rack on top. Also a spare tyre on the hood.
The car is a metal,collectible miniature car with all four wheels rolling, though not very smoothly. It is hand made and hand painted. It measures 15cm in length x 8cm in heigth x7cm in width ( 5.90'' x 3.14'' x 2.75'' ). It is not heavy.

This little car is not a toy for children, it was made for decor only.

It can be used in dioramas, school projects, assemblage pieces, wreaths, favours, nursery decor, etc. or for your collections and little gifts. It's the perfect little gift for men, a unique idea for a stocking stuffer and a very neat, assosciates' and co wrokers' gift.

If you'd like to know more about more about this retro car, we'd be happy to answer your questions.
Thank you for looking.


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