Yellow-green pick-up truck

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Yellow - green pick-up truck is a retro style, collectible, truck miniature.An amazing, very cute, olive green and pale yellow, truck miniature, made the in China before 2002.A green beige, old fashioned, pick up truck in a very cute rendition.

This is a wonderful, collectible miniature in an amazing reproduction of an old time truck in very good condition.It's a metal miniature, with rubber tires, all wheels rolling, but with some difficulty, since this truck was made for decor only.

It can be used in various projects, like dioramas, wreaths, nursery decor, favours, stocking stuffers, assosciate gifts, etc.It's olive green at the bottom part of the car and pale yellow on top all over, save for the silver grille, silver coloured lights, hubcaps, etc.

It measures about 28cm in length x 11cm in width x 12cm in height (9.84'' x 3.93'' x 4.72'') and it's not heavy.

This item is not a toy for children.It was made for decor only.


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