Silver fish bracelet, mens two fish silver cuff with tiger eye beads macrame bracelet

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Silver fish bracelet is a very cool, mens' two fish bracelet, two, silver plated fish macrame adjustable bracelet with tiger eye beads.

This is one of our very latest, guys boho, friendship cuffs, a black, acrylic cord bracelet with tiger eye beads.

I knew I had to have these cool, silver fish charms, the minute I saw them and make some guys bracelets with them.Then I started working with the silver plated, brass fish beads and the agate stones/tiger eye beads and that was it, I had the bracelet in my mind already and made it within minutes.

The fish charms are made of silver plated brass.They are traditional, ethinc looking, fish beads with fish scales on their backs and lovely, cute fish tails.The fish beads are slightly oxidised.The cord goes through each fish bead.

The cord is our standard, thick, black, acrylic cord.I mostly use this acrylic cords in most of our cord and macrame jewelry.It is very versatile, looks great and is quite perfect for both guys and girls.

I tied the silver coloured fish beads with a tiger eye bead between them on the the jade cord and added the other, gorgeous, brown yellow gold tiger eye beads on each side.Each bead is different with a different pattern of lines and colours.The tiger eye beads are 8mm each.Tiger eye is believed to bring luck and protection to whoever wears it.There are eight tiger beads on this mens bracelet.

I have braided a black cord, macrame fastening underneath the fish beads and tiger eye beads bracelet, so it can be opened and closed.This is its adjustable closure.

The macrame braiding may be a bit tight sometimes, so pull firmly but gently.If you require special measurements, please, let me know.We can also customise the colours of the cords of this mens bracelet.

If you'd like to know more about this mens, silver fish and tiger eye beads bracelet, we'd love to answer all questions.

Thank you for stopping by.

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