Crochet March bracelet, traditional March bracelet, Greek folklore March bracelet, unisex, boho March cuff.

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Crochet March bracelet is a traditional March bracelet, a Greek folklore March bracelet.This, unisex, boho March cuff, is a crochet red white bracelet, that I recently made with cotton and acrylic yarn.The red yarn is pure cotton, the white yarn is acrylic with a fine silver thread in it as well.The white beige yarn is of varying thickness through its length, which makes it also lovely and interesting.
This crochet March bracelet is crocheted in a most simple design with one red chain and two white ones above it.It clasps with a small, macrame closing that you can regulate to make the cuff longer or shorter, according to your wrist size.You just pull the ending cords one way or another and they move.This way you wear your wrist inor out of the March bracelet.
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This is a unique, simple gift, a most traditional March bracelet for boys and girls.

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