Blue eye bracelet, oval blue eye of plexi glass and resin on red cord, blue eye macrame bracelet

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Blue eye bracelet is a very neat, oval blue eye of plexi glass and resin on an double, acrylic, red cord.It's a blue eye, macrame bracelet from my collection.
This is a very smart, eye friendship bracelet, the trendiest eye, boho cuff for girls and teens and older women.It easy to wear by itself, or layered with other 
bracelets and bangles, your watch, etc.
To make this unique design eye bracelet, I used an eye charm made by hand with plexi glass, hand painted and covered with resin.The resin takes about three 
days to set and get perfectly dry. Then I used a double berry red, acrylic cord to tie the eye on the bracelet. It's a darker shade of red, a little like burgundy.
I also used some brass, alloy, gold plated, small hoops of lovely design for spacers.They are tied next to the blue eye charm and at the ends of the dangling cords.
They add a lovely, gold touch on this boho, eye cuff.
The macrame knot braiding I made with blue acrylic cord for an extra, colourful touch.Plain black bores me so much.I usually use a blue olour cord that matches 
the blue in the eye.This is a darker turquoise shade.
The eye charm is made of an oval shape, plexi glass piece of 2.50cm length and 1.20cm height.It is painted in white and has a black and blue centre.
It's got pointy edges, like a real eye.
This blye eye, friendship bracelet is the perfect summer accessory.It is a very comfortable bracelet, just the thing for everyone, young or older girls alike.
It's the perfect little gift, the coolest, teen bracelet.We can customise the colour of the cords, if you'd like this bracelet for a guy, or child, etc.We can also make 
it in a very large or smaller size.

If you'd like to know more about this blue eye, red macrame bracelet, we'd love to answer all questions.You can contact us at any time. 
Thank you for looking.

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