Heart March bracelet, jute cord March bracelet, red white March bracelet, boho March bracelet

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Heart March bracelet is a jute cord March bracelet, a red and white March bracelet with a red, ceramic heart bead.
This Greek folklore bracelet is a piece to be worn for the month of March, according to Greek folklore, to protect kids and grown ups from getting too much sun too early in the year.In the old days getting a tan wasn't all that fashionable, so people wore this red white, woven string for the month of March, when the weather got to be warmer and the sun hotter, after a long winter.
I made this simple, charming, red heart, March bracelet from a red white, twisted jute cord.It clasps with a macrame closing, made with a pieceof red, acrylic cord.By gently pulling the ends of the bracelet, when you wear it, you can make it bigger, or smaller, according to your size.

On the jute cord I put a very charming, red, ceramic heart bead with holes from top to bottom.The red ceramic hear has a slight, metallic sheen.
So the red heart bead is threaded on the cord, not hanging/dangling from it.Next to the red heart I have placed a blue glass bead, turquoise in colour and some square, tiny brass beads between these two, also before and after.

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