Cat and trees wall decor, ceramic cat and trees sculpture, red cat with two red trees in wooden frame

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Cat and trees wall decor is a lovely, modern, ceramic cat and trees sculpture. It is a dark red cat with two, dark red trees in a wooden frame, a wall or table, cat art object. It was made of high fire stoneware clay and light coloured wood.

The wooden frame is square shaped, without a back, so when you hang it on the wall, the wall shows from behind it. The frame measures about 16cm in length x 16cm in height x 3cm in width (6.29'' x 6.29'' x 1.18'').
Inside it there is a ceramic cat, cut from a slab of stoneware clay. Next to her there are two ttrees, the one in the middle of the frame is taller and narrower then the next one. The cat and the trees are glazed in a red-brown glaze. There are incisions on the clay for the cat's features and the trees surface. The incisions allow for the white clay to show underneath the glaze. The middle tree has a swirl/spiral shaped carved on it and the other tree has spots inside circles. The trees' trunks are in a dark brown glaze.
The cat and trees slabs stand on a larger slab, like a ledge, coloured in a dark brown glaze.
This ceramic, cat sculpture is a piece you can hang on the wall, or just stand on any surface.
It will look much better and it will be safer, if you stand it against a wall.

This ceramic cat, wall decor piece is an ideal item for a moderm, minimalist home, or work environment. It certainly look gorgeous into most homes and offices. It is the perfect gift for cat lovers, for architects, for new homes and workplaces, for weddings, for countryside lovers, etc.

If you'd like to know more about this ceramic cat and trees, wall art piece, we would love to answer all questions.
Thank you for looking.

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