Black owl clock, ceramic wall clock of owl with black head and dark coloured body

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Black owl clock is a ceramic wall clock of an owl with a black head and a dark coloured body. It is a slightly oval shaped, owl clock, a perched like, boho rustic owl clock, perfect for home, office, or workplace decor.

This owl clock was created out of a ceramic slab, which was dried and fired, after the owl features were drawn.After firing, it was handpainted with acrylic paint and varnished with eco varnish.Finally the clcok mechanism and final decorative details were added.In this case thin, brass wire, for the owl's wire rimmed glasses and a couple of hearts near its claws, usualluy made of paper in various, bright colours.One decorative heart is a ittle bigger than the other one.
The owl usually has green eyes and green, painted beak.Over the painted owl eyes there is this cute, brass wire frame of glasses.
Below the eyes and nose is the clock, the clcok hands, usually metal, in a silver colour.The owl clock runs on a German, quartz mechanism.
This ceramic owl made form a thin, earthenware slab, is a cute, owl shape of head and body together,

For made to order pieces there might be small differences in colouring the owl.Sometimes the coloured part may be lower or higher.In some owl clocks there might be more colour, in others a bit less.These are handpainted pieces and there are no two pieces alike.Still, they are all very pretty and well made.

The clock works with a standard battery, which we usually include in the box of your order.The owl's features are drawn and hand painted with gold paint.The head and body of the owl are not distinguished.This is a slightly abstract owl figure, but neat and elegant, as an art object.

The black owl clock measures about 25.5cm in height x 15cm in length x 3cm in width ( 10.03'' x 5.90'' x 1.18'')It is not heavy.

If you'd like to know more about this ceramic, owl wall clock, you can always contact us.
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