White scooter miniature, metal scooter in cream white, retro collectible Italian style scooter, retro cream scooter bike

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white scooter miniature is a mini, metal bike, a perfect replica of the real thing, the fabulous Italianstyle bikes.A marvellous retro, collectible bike in beige.

It is an alloy made little bike in a rich cream colour with its chrome pieces in silver, like the mirrors, lights, handlebars, hubcaps, etc.

It has a weathered, old, shabby look and a slight patina, a finishing touch of rust like paint, that is very faint, which only adds to its charm.

This little white beige scooter measures about 9cm in length, 8cm in height, 4cm in width (3.54'' x 3.14'' x 1.57'').It is very light.

It is the perfect item for dioramas, art projects, school projects, assemblage pieces, favours, etc.Also for a small gift, a stocking stuffer item, nursery decor, birthday cake decor, etc.

This item is not a toy for toddlers or children.It is only for decor, or a collector's item.

If you'd like to know more about this mini, miniature scooter in beige, you can always contact us.

Thank you for looking.


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